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Please read the following testimonials from some of our recent customers

All of the 5 who met with you on last Friday afternoon wanted to make sure that you knew that we thoroughly enjoyed and interested the whole walk. It was clear that you have good knowledge of general history before focusing on the details in Glasgow, and then to talk closely about the weavers and the homes of people around the East End, and finally you were generous in talking also about your own childhood and your family. Thank you so much for the full two hours.

Many thanks and best wishes,


What a wonderful time I had in Glasgow! I have so much useful info now :-). And my next visit to Glasgow - whether guiding or not - will be ten times more interesting than in the past - all thanks to you.

Best wishes


You made our tour so special and it was a treat to go down alleyways and shortcuts that we would NEVER have found. I looked at a map of Glasgow and it was amazing how much we covered.

You really made Glasgow very special and on the way home we were planning on when we can get back -- hopefully soon.

Patricia, you truly have a unique and different "city" tour and are able to give a unique perspective to what there is to do and see in Glasgow since you are a native. I will continue to follow you on your website and hope that your book is in print soon.

Dana and Janalyn (USA)